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Elite Style Pet Peeves

New York 3/06/2012 09:19 PM GMT (WooEB)




As the Elite, one of the many things you must have knowledge of is style. Whether something looks good with that new blazer you purchased or whether or not to wear something because… well you just don’t.


Here are Elite’s Top Ten Style Pet Peeves:



1. Suits that don’t fit

You’re an Elite; get suits that fit because a suit that is baggy and is three sizes too big just makes you look like that high school kid who rented out his tuxedo. Even if you don’t own an expensive tailored suit, get your off-the-rack suit fitted to you. A tailor should be one of your close friends, like your barber or your dry cleaner. No more baggy suits, please.



2. White socks with leather shoes

NEVER, wear white socks with leather shoes, you are better than that. You do not live in a trailer or a homeless shelter where things like socks are a rare commodity, so please purchase proper socks that either pop with some color or match with your pants. White socks can completely ruin your look and will cause some looks when you rock them.



3. Black shoes with beige/brown pants

Whether they are khakis are suit pants, it is not style etiquette to wear black shoes with khakis or brown pants. People underestimate brown shoes and brown wingtips should be a staple of your collection of footwear. Black shoes with black pants and maybe navy. Done.



4. Running shoes/gym suits with jeans

You are not a dad from the suburbs who thinks it’s okay to rock Nike running shoes with overly washed blue jeans. This is acceptable only with the Airmax ’95.



5. Buttoning all your buttons on the jacket

A two-button or three-button, a blazer, sport jacket, or suit, never button all the buttons. Always button only one button, if it’s a two-button jacket, button the top one, if it’s a three-button jacket, button the middle one only. Buttoning all buttons make you look like it’s the first time you’re wearing a suit and it ruins the lines of a properly fitting suit.



6. Wearing the absurdly striped “going-out” shirt

You know what I’m talking about, 1 inch to an inch a half thick stripes with disgusting color combinations running down the entire shirt. Who are you? You are  Elite, you already have everything someone else wants, and you do not need to attract more attention to yourself.



7. Obnoxiously loose ties

Stay neat, forehand knot, all the way up to the last button. Once you leave the venue or occasion, and then yes loosen up. Do not loosen up during the party or date, its disrespectful to your date and you look soft. Tie comes off at the night, if you’re lucky, she’ll help you take it off.



8. Over sized tie-knot for non-business occasions

Windsor knots are for 7 figure deals and overseas conference calls. Do not show up to a dinner or casual situation with an in-your-face double Windsor knot that just makes you look cocky.



9. Black suit, black shirt, stupidly bright necktie

You’ve seen it, high school proms swag that some people think still looks good. No, black suit, black shirt, and a white tie or some other eye-popping color is not stylish. It is loud and attention seeking that does not exude confidence of an Elite.



10. Spread collar over suit or blazer

Who are you John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever? Not in the 70’s anymore, tuck your collar in. For everyone’s sake.




Jin Maekawa | Elite.



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