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Spectrum Sports Int’l Offers the First Commercial Portable Zip Line

The manufacturer of interactive adventure sports products offers the first commercially available mobile zip line

Salt Lake City, UT 3/13/2012 08:00 AM GMT (WooEB)




Spectrum Sports Int’l, the manufacturer and distributor of adventure sports products, is offering the first commercial mobile zip line that includes a range of important safety features and patent-pending technology. The company has received various awards for its innovation in the amusement industry, and their portable zip line is continuing this tradition. Distributer

The Mobile Zip Line is accessible by a 30” wide staircase that was designed to meet all OSHA and ASTM requirements, and the entire structure sets up in around 30 minutes. This is made possible with a 12 volt hydraulic lift system that stands the 28’ tower in place with the touch of a button. For increased safety, the zip lines are secured in place and there are inflatable walls that act as a backup stopping device.

The structure was designed to make use of a patent-pending Auto-Retract system. This was created to slow the passenger down at the end of the ride so the inflatable walls should not be necessary. The mechanical components inside the device, though, also return the trolley to the top of the zip line. The final stop has always been one of the most dangerous aspects of zip lines, and this system provides a much safer method.

Spectrum Sports Int’l first gained popularity with the release of their auto belay devices. These items made it possible to climb and descend most climbing walls safely and without the use of a secondary person to handle the belay. The same group that was behind this development in the climbing industry has worked on their new Mobile Zip Line.

The overall footprint length of the zip line is 156’ including the trailer and the length of the vehicle. The zip line cable itself is 130’ long. The 42” high railing that surrounds the stairs and the rotating safety gate at the top help to ensure the participants safety while they wait their turn to make the leap. These adventure sports products are often used at corporate, school, or other community events, which makes these safety features even more important.

About Spectrum Sports Int’l

Spectrum Sports Int’l is a manufacturer and distributer of interactive and adventure sports product. Since 1996 the company has been providing quality service and innovation in the amusement industry. All of the products are designed to be safe and innovative, and all of the testing is performed by 3rd party engineers to ensure ongoing safety. The company’s design standards meet and/or exceed ASTM, ADIPS, UK NAFLIC requirements, and it is the only auto-belay manufacturer to have TUV certification.

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