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Online Rewards Checking to Help you Watch your Money Grow

Atlanta 3/15/2012 06:00 PM GMT (WooEB)




You work hard to put money into your bank account, isn’t it time that your bank account worked hard for you? With Bank of Internet online Rewards Checking, you’re provided with plenty of ways to manage your money and watch it grow.

Online Rewards Checking is an easy way to make your bank account work for you. With the ability to build your own reward rate and cash back bonuses every time you use your free Visa debit card, online rewards checking make it easy to sit back and watch the money add up.

With each banking action you perform with your online Rewards Checking you have the potential to earn a higher reward rate. By simple everyday actions such as receiving direct deposits, paying your bills, or even using your Visa debit card you can work your way up to 1.25% APY.

You can even use your Visa debit card to earn more money for you. By using your card for everyday purchases you’ll become eligible for cash back bonuses that will put money back into your account just for buying the things you need.

Opening a Rewards Checking account is easy to do. You only need $100 to start and you’ll never have to worry about monthly minimum balances, or maintenance fees. For easy and convenient online banking with rewards, visit Bank of Internet and open an account today.

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