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Island Lake Catskiing Offers Safety Program and Area Analysis

Fernie, British Columbia 4/10/2012 09:35 PM GMT (WooEB)




In order to help visitors to Island Lake Lodge enjoy their trip to the fullest, Island Lake Catskiing has set up a program to monitor the terrain and maximize the amount of skiable land.

Fernie, British Columbia, Canada. Wednesday, April 4, 2012 – Explosives are not toys. However, small-scale detonations have been included in the procedures of Island Lake Catskiing in order to help keep guests safe. While certain areas of the world can generally know what to expect for the weather, nature has a way of surprising people, and ultimately it is impossible to be absolutely sure of conditions too much in advance. For Catskiers, as with many types of skiing, this means that avalanches are always a concern. However, by using controlled explosives, Island Lake Catskiing is able to largely eliminate areas of unstable snow and reduce the risk of unexpected avalanches.

Every day, the staff at Island Lake Catskiing sends out its snow safety team to thoroughly examine the property; in addition to that, all guides and drivers sit in on meetings where they can be informed of current weather conditions so they know what to expect. If this ultimately ends up falling short, each vehicle is equipped with rescue equipment to help aid reach anywhere on the property as soon as possible. All staff are required to carry communications equipment during operating hours, helping reduce communications lag in the event of an emergency.

For guests, however, a more immediate example of safety is an informational briefing on the first morning of their visit. This briefing covers general backcountry skiing tips as well as instructions on the proper use of avalanche gear; while many avalanches on the property are set off intentionally, being prepared for the unexpected remains an ongoing responsibility. Guests who wish to learn more about the equipment offered to them for their trip can access the information at Island Lake Catskiing’s website, under the ‘Safety’ section.

By combining constant vigilance with industry-standard rescue equipment , Island Lake Catskiing’s safety programs and terrain analysis are now capable of providing guests with the information they need to have fun without needing to be distracted by danger.

With the same great package of options available all season long, there is every reason to book an economical early season catski package with Island Lake Catskiing.


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