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Police Sergeants Denied Overtime May Have Claim for Back Wages

New York 4/16/2012 07:53 PM GMT (WooEB)




The attorneys working with Class are investigating unpaid overtime claims on behalf of police sergeants who were denied overtime wages. A recent Second Circuit ruling has found that 4300 New York City police sergeants are in fact entitled to overtime wages under federal law. If you have been denied overtime pay as a police sergeant in any state, you may have a claim to recover your unpaid overtime wages in light of this ruling. To learn more about your eligibility to collect your back overtime wages, visit and complete the free case review form.  

In April 2004, an unpaid overtime lawsuit was filed on behalf of New York City police sergeants who were looking to recover unpaid overtime wages. The city argued that the police sergeants were not entitled to overtime wages, because they were considered “executives” under overtime law. In November 2010, the Second Circuit heard argument on the plaintiffs’ appeal of the District Court’s finding that the police sergeants were exempt from overtime wages. The Second Circuit rejected the City’s argument and reversed the District Court. According to the appeals court, the police sergeants were not “executives,” as their role as first responders made them eligible to receive overtime wages.   

Police sergeants who were wrongfully denied overtime wages may be able to make a claim to recover compensation for their additional hours. There is a time limit for filing unpaid overtime claims, and failure to take action within this window can prevent any employee from seeking compensation for their denied overtime wages. To learn more about police sergeant overtime claims and your eligibility to collect unpaid overtime wages, visit today. The overtime lawyers working with the site are providing an online consultation at no cost and with no obligation. 

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