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Brazilian Actor Dies Following Accidental Hanging During Easter Passion Play

Atlanta 4/24/2012 03:46 PM GMT (WooEB)




A Brazilian actor has passed away from brain injuries he suffered when he accidentally hung himself in an Easter passion play. According to reports, 27-year-old Tiago Klimeck portrayed Judas, the apostle who hung himself after betraying Christ, in an independent production of the play “The Passion Of The Christ” in the city of Itarare on April 6. While re-enacting the Judas’ suicide, Klimeck apparently did not use his harness correctly and ended up hanging himself.

Klimeck hung for about 4 minutes before other actors on stage realized he was not acting. He was rushed to the Hospital Santa Casa de Misericordia where it was determined he sustained major brain damage. Klimeck died Sunday after two weeks in a medically induced coma. An autopsy was performed Monday.

Police say the accident is under investigation and the harness that was supposed to hold Klimeck up is being examined.


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