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Plan your Sales Using a Year Ahead Forecast from Weather Trends International

Bethlehem 6/04/2012 04:40 AM GMT (WooEB)




Never play the guessing game again when it comes to seasonal sales. Know your weather and discover the best times to sell or trade for a larger profit using the Year Ahead Forecast from Weather Trends International.  

By receiving a Year Ahead Forecast you will have access to a wealth of information providing you with accurate predictions on weather conditions up to 11 months ahead of time. Year Ahead Forecasts are provided on a monthly basis, or on demand in the the form of a PDF, PPT, or Excel document for your convenience.

Each forecast is available as a PDF, PPT, or Excel fomat. You can receive your reports monthly or on an as needed basis.  Never miss out on a golden sales opportunity again because of bad weather. Go to and start getting your year ahead forecasts today.

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