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Rolex Wrist Watches Continue to Set the Standard

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For more than 100 years, the word Rolex causes most people to immediately think about luxury and high class in the world of men’s and women’s watches. Rolex watches are considered to be the embodiment of what true luxury stands for ever since the Rolex trademark was registered by Hans Wilsdorf in 1908.

Rolex perfects the wrist watch

In 1910, Rolex was awarded the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision, which was the first time a wrist watch got that distinction. Prior to that timeframe, much of the watches used were pocket watches, but once Rolex achieved success in the precision of wrist watches, the tradition of wearing them began to catch on.

Four years later, Rolex was awarded a Class A certification from the Kew Observatory in Great Britain for their wrist watch precision. This was a monumental achievement, as previously only marine time pieces had achieved this distinction.

Rolex famous for waterproofing, self-winding watches

Rolex is also famous for being first in cutting edge new technologies in watches and was first in several areas. Rolex never stops trying to improve their line of famous watches and in 1926 they wowed the world with the first waterproof watch. Its hermetically sealed case even stood up to 10 hours of swimming when it was worn during a crossing of the English Channel by Mercedes Gleitze.

Five years later Rolex again showed why their line of watches epitomized luxury and quality when they invented the self winding watch mechanism, which made it unnecessary to have to remember to wind your watches every day.

Rolex continues to be first in innovation

Rolex watches are not only meant for the rich and famous. In the 1950s they started putting out professional watches for divers, aviators, mountain climbers and more. These watches were more than just time keepers, and had specialized tools built into them to make them useful to these individuals such as being water and shock resistant, etc.

Rolex combines innovation with beauty, craftsmanship

Rolex is also known for more than just coming up with new watch technology, they are also famous for their style, beauty, and craftsmanship. Rolex hires the best skilled professionals in not only watch making, but in design, gem setting, chemistry, and more. For instance, Rolex’s Submariner could function down to depths of 1,000 feet underwater, while the Daytona was meant for race car drivers and the Yachtmaster watch allowed sailors to program a countdown and they could use it to time their races.

The functionality of Rolex watches doesn’t cause them to lose anything in style and appearance either. The Submariner, Yachtmaster, and other specialized watches still have the elegance of a Rolex watch. Whether they are embellished with a Rolex diamond dial, glow in the dark numbers and hands, or a diamond bezel. Rolex embodies functional style and luxury with their wristwatches.

Rolex guarantees excellence in their products

Every single watch that Rolex makes is inspected and tested before being sent off to the retail outlets for sale to the public. When these factors are present, it builds the idea of luxury and opulence because people begin to trust in the name of the maker.

In order to maintain its high level of excellence and high quality, Rolex limits its production to around 650,000 watches annually even though this is actually below the market demand for their products.

Rolex reached its place in the world of distinction and luxury through experimentation and innovative genius, along with hard work and dedication to details and top quality products. Through the years they continue to stand for luxury due to their continuous practice in these areas and are considered in the top 100 companies in the entire world.

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