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Wall Fountains Shown to Have Beneficial Effects on Your Pet’s Health

Indoor water fountains are better then safe for pets.

San Diego 2/19/2009 06:05 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)




Many studies have been conducted regarding the supposed health effects of wall fountains and other water fountains.  But water fountains have recently been shown to be beneficial for animals as well.

“Wall fountains are great for households that have pets, especially cats or dogs,” says Todd Harmon, President and founder of the top-tier fountain information and sales website  “Household pets just love drinking out of the basin, and as long as you’re using distilled water, which you should be using anyway, it’s actually healthier for them than drinking out of a bowl.”

Indoor wall fountains replicate the dynamic nature of a natural stream, which appeals to most domesticated animals.  Because the water is constantly moving, pouring first into the basin and then being pumped up through the fountain, it does not go stagnant.

Stagnant water, as in standard pet water bowls, tends to harbor bacteria and gives them an ideal breeding ground.  If the same water sits in a pet’s bowl for a day, it may become mildly hazardous to a pet’s well-being.  Sometimes, pets may get mildly ill from consuming contaminated water.

Rushing water significantly reduces the ability of bacteria to grow and reproduce, as they need stagnant water to do so effectively.

Though no concrete causal relationship exists, scientific studies have shown a correlative relationship between indoor wall fountains and improved health, for pets and their owners.

The natural flow of water in a fountain acts as an air purifier.  As the water rushes into the basin, it emits negative ions into the air, which latch onto and neutralize malicious airborne particles such as dust and bioaerosols, effectively removing them from the atmosphere.

“If you install an indoor wall fountain, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the air will actually be a little cleaner… your breathing will improve, and if you meditate or relax in a room with a fountain, you will actually find that your concentration and focus improves as well,” says Harmon.  “It’s really a great, therapeutic decoration in your home.  Wall fountains look great, and they make you feel great too.”

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