You can’t guarantee that retirement will be smooth sailing, but you can be prepared to weather the challenges. Retirement generally has surprises—some welcome and others you could do without. The least welcome are often the financial setbacks that interfere with your plans or your peace of mind. And while there is no way you can prevent an economic downturn or a spurt of inflation, there are things you can do
now that may help insulate you from their most serious consequences.  The first step is analyzing the sources of retirement income you can anticipate, how much you can expect these sources to provide, and the changes—if any— you should consider making in the way you’re investing 
and managing
your money. You need a plan to insure your income meets your needs. Making the leap from deciding to
take retirement income to putting
that decision into action can be nerve- wracking. That’s because the choices you make can mean a major difference in the way you live—sometimes for 30 years or more. And putting off decisions often seems easier than making them. Realistically, though, you improve your chances of achieving the best results when you determine the income you’ll need, weigh various ways it can   Read more…