As your life goes through different stages, your life insurance needs will change. Everyone’s experience is different, but here are some of the key concerns you might face. Young couple, new homeowners – Buying a home together is exciting. But it’s also
a major financial commitment that may depend on two incomes. If one of you were to die un- expectedly, you want to be sure that the surviving spouse is able to keep the home you love. If both of you have life insurance, you’re protecting each other and your investment. Young working parent – Since your kids depend on you to support them,
if you were to die, their financial security might
be at risk. Even if your spouse or relatives will be there to raise your children, they may not have the financial resources to provide the things for your children that you wanted them to have. Life insurance can help you make sure that whoever raises your children after you’re gone can maintain the standard of living you want for them. Supporting kids and parents – These days, more and more people find them- selves raising children while at the same time supporting their parents in their old age.   Read more…