Top headlines trending today on Tesla Stock Read ‘Will Tesla Stock Plunge To $125 A Share?- Yahoo Finance”, “Tesla Slices Prices On Models S and X, Stock Plummets – Yahoo Finance” “Tesla Stock Could Go Lower Than $10 Dollars One Day, Says Accipiter’s… – CNBC” An article published yesterday May 22, 2019 by Lawrence Meyers on states, “Tesla’s stock is getting hammered today because of the company’s announcement that it is cutting prices on older model S and X vehicles. Merrill Lynch put out a note expressing concern that sales on those models have peaked and are losing market share to its own Model 3.” Other recent news that could be a cause-for-concern are the auto-pilot crashes that seem to happen every so often. The Tesla Auto Pilot Crash is repeating itself, where the cars are slamming into semi-trucks. There are plenty of die-hard Tesla fans out there, but with the stock continuing to plummet, Tesla’s future is starting to look pretty bleak.